WeChat account verification discord server | The #1 WeChat users group on discord

I thought to create a group where we can help each other out as Foreigners for this app. A lot of us are getting issues for various reasons where we have no control over and it is almost impossible to get it back unless you have friends who also have WeChat accounts.

I made a Discord group so if I can get people in here as friends, we can help each other to get our account unblocked.


P.S. This is a group where I hope that we can assist one another and not asking money to sign up a new wechat account. You can also leave your discord id in the comments, i will add you.

I have some Chinese friends, As they said. It is really tough to create a Wechat account now. Especially in 2021. But, I collect some methods on google. I think you will get the best solutions for signing up for a Wechat account.
#1. can you find a Chinese restaurant near you? You can ask their owners to do this job for you. Of course, you need to buy some Chinese food first. when you eat your food, ask them to fix this issue for you. Sounds funny. But it could work. In fact. 99% of Chinese restaurant owners have Wechat. Because they don’t want to pay the tax for the U.S. and EU governments. If you use Wechat to pay the bills, then, the restaurant owner can get money in his other bank card. This is the Chinese secret among Chinese in the U.S. We all know that.
#2. Can you find some escrow marketplace? I know amazon and kiwikiwifly, etc. why not search for Wechat account on these two websites. It will save you lots of time. Many freelancers can do this job I think. And I think they are happy to help you address this issue.
#3. Do you know the Chinese language, do you know a website taobao, it is so famous in China, not understand Chinese? Can you use the google translate extension?
#4. can you use the PayPal function? 14 days delay transaction, find a Chinese, and buy it by PayPal.
#5. can you post a job on a job-seeking website? Just try to hire someone, and leave your contacts.
#6. Submit a ticket to the Wechat team, but it will take around 4 days to get their response. And I never find they have a service phone.
#7. There are some youtube video tutorials, but only a few tutorial work.