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Vegan personal trainer that’s Taking Bangkok by Storm

Steve Pilot’s been a part of the fitness industry for a while now. He’s been training for 27 years, he’s been a vegan for 10 years, he’s a NASM certified fitness coach and a certified nutritionist, and he’s helped hundreds of people turn their dreams of having a perfect body into a reality.

From public speaking, to being an author, to organizing charity events, to being a brand ambassador for almost every leading vegan brand in Bangkok, he’s done it all. He’s trained celebrities and bodybuilders, offers personal training to beginners and intermediates alike. Steve Pilot doesn’t just believe in lifting some weights and gaining muscle. Unlike other trainers, his approach is much more functional and will get you equipped for real life. He wants you to live the best life you could live, have longer time with your kids, have that body you always wanted, and have you fit and running about when you’re 60. He believes in working on flexibility, cardiovascular health, mobility, strength, and nutrition. But what wraps it all up is mindset and discipline. He is a military man after all!

He’s not all fitness and training though. When he’s not training — he’s travelling. With his own travel blog and 80 countries visited, Steve is no stranger to the world. He loves to live and to learn, and believes that travelling is a constant learning curve, which he documents on his Youtube Channel. His adventurous spirit and active lifestyle is infectious. If you’re living in Bangkok, you may see him training in one of its many gyms. He’s a friendly guy, say hi and ask him to tell you about one of the many places he’s visited. He’ll blow you away with his near death adventures and stories of the most breathtaking places. He’ll most likely give you some killer training tips too, or you could take part in his Get Fit Program of online coaching available on his website. Get ready to train hard though, he will make sure you get your dream body.

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FAQ for comments:

#1. Who is Steve Pilot?

Steve Pilot is a professional certified fitness coach and vegan nutritionist in Bangkok, Thailand. He has over 27 years of fitness experience, mastering many different training methods. Steve has written two e-books, has appeared on the cover of many fitness magazines, been brand ambassador for numerous brands like Reebok and Sunwarrior, and now offers his own fitness program — Get Fit Program and online coaching internationally.

#2. What is the Get Fit Program?

The Get Fit Program is a carefully crafted training program developed by Steve Pilot focusing on strength, conditioning, and mobility. It incorporates functional training and weight training in order to sculpt your body. It caters to anyone including beginners as well as professional athletes.

#3. How much do Steve’s online fitness classes cost?

Steve Pilot’s online Get Fit coaching costs 10,000 baht ($327) a month. There is also a three month plan and a 6 month plan. You can book a consultation for personal training or buy an online training package through his website.

#4. How do I begin lifting weights?

A beginner should start by stretching, followed by some lighter weights. Steve Pilot will help you work on form, posture, and technique. Gradually he will guide you through heavier weights and more sets, developing your strength and stamina as you progress.

#5. How do I develop sustainable eating habits?

Most fad diets promoted by the fitness industry may result in you eventually cheating, binging, or going back to how you were before. Steve Pilot stresses on the benefits of each food you decide to put into your body. He teaches you how to balance the amount of carbs, protein, and fat going into your body in order to create healthy eating habits that will last you your whole life.

#6. Where can I buy Steve Pilot’s Get Fit program?

You can purchase Steve Pilot’s Get Fit Program of online coaching on his website. There are 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month options. He has also written a book to support his program along with a cookbook on vegan nutrition. Get Fit Program by Steve Pilot and Vegan for Beginners Guide by Steve Pilot are both available on his website and on Amazon.

#7. Are Steve Pilot’s courses customizable?

Steve Pilot’s courses are very customisable. Steve Pilot will train you according to your body type and fitness level. You can book a consultation through his website.

#8. Can I train with Steve Pilot if I am a beginner?

Steve Pilot trains people of all fitness levels with all different kinds of health and fitness goals — including beginners!

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