Top 6 ways to sign up a WeChat account in 2020–2021

There are 6 other ways I found to Register a WeChat account

  1. Find a Chinese friend. Ask him to verify the wechat QR code for you.

#2. Go to kiwikiwifly and amazon marketplace, and search wechat account keyword in the search box. so you will see lots of freelancers can offer this kind of services. You can directly buy these services by escrow transaction. It’s secure and will save you lots of time. These are top 2 freelancer marketplace in EU. Remember that you must use your phone number! The price around $30-$60.

#3. Go to taobao marketplace. This is a marketplace like amazon, but most 60% Chinese use it. The website language is Chinese, but you can use google translate chrome extension. You can buy this service in this marketplace.

#4. There are also some websites you can buy it. and they always use paypal. You can use the paypal 14 days transaction feature.

#5. Go to a Chinese restaurant, buy some food, and ask the restaurant owners scan the qr code for you. sounds funny? but sometimes it could work, because Chinese restaurant owners must have wechat and wechat pay, because they want to pay a few tax to the U.S. This is a secret rule for Chinese restaurants of EU and U.S. If they don’t want to help you, report their business to the government tax offices.

#6. try to hire a part-time virtual assistant in china. this will fix your lots of issues.

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