How to create a WeChat account in 2021 (without QR code scan, 100% Working)

download WeChat from Google Play Store. If you use an iPhone, just download the app from the App Store.

Search the word “WeChat” and press the download button. Here you go!

It’s quite easy.

Please note that you can only register a WeChat account on your phone. It’s different with QQ. Although you can use WeChat on your PC or Mac, you can not register an account on your computer.

So just download the app and move to the next step.

Step 2: Tapping WeChat icon on your phone, and then click the [sign up] button.

If you need to change the language, just simply click on the [Language] on the top right corner. And then select the language you need.

Step 3: My suggestion is you’d better choose the first way — Sign up via Mobile.

Step 4: Fill out your WeChat profile.

Name:This is a nickname, you can change this name after sign-up whenever you want.
Avatar:Skip this, you can add it whenever you want after you get your WeChat account.
Region: Tap Region field and then you can select your region. You can select region by scrolling down or searching on the search bar.
Phone: Enter your phone number. There is no need to manully enter your region code again because the region code is selected by the previous step when you selected Region.
Password: Setup your password. The password should be 8–16 long and contain digitals and characters.
And then, click [Sign Up] button to the next step.

Step 5: Check the box below after you have read and agree to the above terms. and then you can click [Next] button.

If you’re lucky, an SMS verification code will be sent to your phone, you should enter the verification code before it is invalid. And then follow the instructions.

But most people will be requested a Security verification since the 2017 year. So, keep reading to continue the next step. If you are requested to enter SMS verification code but don’t receive any SMS verification code then you should check your SMS code issues.

Step 6:

Here is the Security Verification section.

In this section, WeChat wants to know you are a real user but not a computer.

It’s quite easy, just follow the instruction and drag the slider to fit the puzzle piece.

Then you will finish the first part of security verification.

Step 7: NOTE: NOT ALL people need to ask WeChat users for help. Some might no need to ask for verification when they signed up WeChat. Basically, WeChat system will detect your country and phone number and then decide you need verification or not. But, nobody knows how to skip the verification step.

How to verify WeChat account?

What is WeChat Assistant Registration? Assistant registration is when the system automatically configures an account based on the sign-up environment (phone number, device and IP address). At present, WeChat’s Assistant Registration function requires another WeChat account to provide assistance. Following the instructions on the screen, ask a friend near you to use their WeChat account to help you complete the verification for sign-up.

Step 8: After a WeChat user scans the QR code to help you finish the Security Verification, here is the final step to register a WeChat account.

You have offered your phone number before, so WeChat will send you a verification code via SMS.

Normally, Your SMS should arrive in less than one minute.

If you get your code, put it in the blank, and press the Next button.

I also recommend a youtube video tutorial of how to create WeChat account in 2021.

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The timestamps of this video

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0:08 try to buy WeChat registration help services on Taobao via google translation extension

0:12 try to use PayPal to verify your WeChat QR code

0:16 try to find a Chinese employee for your WeChat registration verification

0:20 how to submit a ticket to the WeChat team to scan your WeChat QR code

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